The Chartered Institution of Railway Operators works within the heart of the rail operations community, bringing together industry-leading knowledge and expertise to support members and companies. Earlier this year, CIRO announced the full launch of its new one-stop web-based training portal, Rail Academy.

Our online platform Rail Academy is a virtual knowledge and training hub for rail operations staff. The interactive portal puts customised, ready-to-access railway operations training at your fingertips, which users can access and fulfil entirely online.

Every existing CIRO corporate member benefits from their own private business-branded ‘member room’, which has ready-to-go learning experiences for staff as well as interactive courses which offer valuable training opportunities, that can be tailored to your unique business needs.

Why should your business take advantage of rail operations courses?

It’s always important to allow your railway employees the opportunity to grow and progress within the industry. Allowing your personnel to learn and develop their skills means your business will be positioned to excel and have the insight and knowledge to go from strength-to-strength. Below you’ll find the key benefits to consider for enrolling your railway employees onto Rail Academy courses.

You have the choice of managed or licensed enrolment options, designed to suit your business needs.

Managed-based training courses are ideal for companies that want to create a bespoke training programme for their employees. You’ll receive bespoke learning pack creation, learner enrolments, progress and assessment reviews, as well as certificates for each individual.

For those wanting to opt for the licensed enrolment, this offers organisations the chance to purchase several licensed courses to distribute to staff when required. Your organisation can assign and enrol individuals to the required courses with no time limit, Rail Academy detailed software demos and ongoing technical support throughout the training process to support in your staff progression.

Brand continuity and an effective railway training experience.

Your organisation has the choice to fully customise every aspect of the platform to reflect the unique nature of your business, from logos and brand guidelines to internal documentation and specialist information, making staff training simpler than ever before. And with dedicated, instant access to Rail Academy’s flagship rail operations courses, effective and efficient training is available to your staff at the touch of a button.

With Rail Academy, integrating your bespoke content is quick and simple, resulting in an exclusive and effective online training experience, which will provide both new and existing staff with essential learning progression, sector-specific skills, and up to date knowledge.

Total support management from Railway Academy.

At Rail Academy, our experienced team will work alongside your business, from concept to completion of your co-created courses; ensuring your key learning objectives are met and your courses are set for success. This will ensure your employees are benefiting from the appropriate courses to improve advancement.

So, how do I find the right course for my organisation?

Great news, our training courses are suitable for individuals who are new to the industry as well as those looking to develop their knowledge and expertise.

For those who are relatively new to railway operations & would like to develop their knowledge of the sector, we offer our industry leading Introduction to Rail Online Interactive course. This engaging online course provides an ideal foundation for a successful career in the sector. Learning is delivered through a mixture of short video lectures, accompanying text and assessment quizzes.

The 9 components of this course are:

  • First Principles
  • Signalling and Train Control
  • Rail Freight
  • Railway Track
  • Development of the Railways
  • Organisation of the Rail Industry
  • Trains
  • The Railway and the Passenger
  • Planning and Delivery

For mid-level professionals keen to gain a more in-depth insight into the entire railway operations field, we offer ‘Rail Pro: 12 System Elements of Rail’ which is one of our flagship courses.

You will be pleased to know that the interactive course encompasses 12 sections of learning complementing the knowledge and competencies spanning the entire professional context of railway operators.

The 12 core components of this course are:

  • Rolling Stock and Fleet Management.
  • Railway Engineering, Maintenance & Renewal
  • People and Change.
  • Railway Organisations Business Context.
  • Financial and Investment Planning.
  • Performance Management.
  • Incident and Emergency Management.
  • Delivering Passenger & Freight Services.
  • Delivering Customer Service.
  • Managing Safety.
  • Operational Planning and Timetabling.
  • Train movement and Control Systems.

Signing up to Rail Academy.

To get the most of your CIRO membership and your business, Rail Academy takes you on journey of staff progression and development. Our rail education platform delivers instantly accessible, verified training content to your learners, whenever you need it.

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