Career development is key when choosing a job in rail.

The more the industry advances, the greater the need for more skilled workers. Discovering new opportunities and trying new challenges are just two of the benefits of building a career in rail.

So, how exactly can you stay ahead of the game with your training schedule? Well, that’s simple, as we move into a more digital world, online training is becoming a crucial part of development and brings many benefits to your organisation.

Work to your own schedule

One of the great benefits of working within the rail industry is travel, which makes the need for flexible training courses greater. Traditionally, staff members would have attended training centres out of hours or during their weekends. Busy commutes, working in different locations and personal commitments have made attending in-person training more challenging. The pandemic has also opened up the conversation about a better work / life balance. Online training can be taken anytime and anywhere to ensure a more efficient workspace for staff as they don’t need to fit it into their 9-5 schedule, they can invest their full attention and complete courses at their own pace. People also work very differently and may need more time or an interactive task to absorb the information, which is where online training excels.

Reduced training costs

Online training can drastically reduce costs by taking away the need for printed materials, transport, instructor travel expenses and building rental fees. These would all be associated with traditional classroom training. With online rail training employees can instantly access verified content whenever they need it. This not only reduces physical fees but also reduces the company costs associated with your employees’ time lost during working hours.

Engaging content

Online rail training offers up to date, easily accessible content that employees can interact with. Whereas face-to-face training often offers less opportunity for employees to interact with learning material, leading them to switch off and lose focus. Using a online rail training platform such as Rail Academy, means that employees’ content can be tailored for learners of all levels and adapted to meet your company’s individual objectives and specialised learning goals. Integrating the best sector knowledge, guidance and information, each flexible online course is delivered to wholly represent your brand and ethos.

Customisable rail training platform

Another factor that is boosting online training as a firm favourite with rail professionals is the option for customisation within learning management systems. Using Rail Academy as your training provider allows you to fully tailor every aspect of the platform to reflect the unique nature of your business, from logos and brand guidelines to internal documentation and specialist information. Having a customised learning system is massively beneficial to rail businesses as it can increase engagement and adoption by catering to users’ specific needs. Adding your own branding can also make navigating the platform easier for your users who may have previously used in-house training platforms

Tracking learning goals

Upon completion of online courses, users often achieve a certificate to show they have gained their qualification and finished the assignment. These make a great addition to both the employees CV and the company’s accreditations and achievements.

With Rail Academy, learner progression management is easy. Delegates can also use online training to manage their personal progress and employers have the option to be in control of assigning and enrolling chosen staff to the required courses.

Rail Academy can be tailored to your business goals

Rail Academy offers two enrolment routes with a choice of managed or license-based courses, available for single or multiple learners, so signing-up your staff is quick and simple.

Rail Academy courses are tailored to learners of all levels which is why rail managers are also invited to work with us to create bespoke learning packs, this helps to ensure that the courses are relevant to individual job roles and requirements.

How to purchase our courses

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