It’s important to think about training and progression at any stage in your rail career, especially the beginning. The rail industry is continually developing with new innovative technology and processes, which allows more passengers to get to their destinations safely, on time and more sustainably.

Building a career in the multifaceted rail industry is highly rewarding. It’s diverse and an essential part of the UK’s economy and offers an abundance of exciting opportunities and new projects to work on. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to advance your skills and qualifications. With developments in online training, it’s never been more accessible with Rail Academy.

It’s up to you to decide what your career aspirations are and how you’re going to get there. Importantly, you should take ownership of your progression and have a clear path in mind.

What opportunities are available in the rail industry?

You might be at the beginning of your working life, looking to choose a different career path or you may be an established rail professional looking to progress. The great news is that the rail industry offers a whole host of exciting opportunities in sectors such as infrastructure and signalling to economics, operations and administration. You could explore the role of a Transport Planning Officer, a Communications Supervisor or hone your skills as an Analyst, Engineer or even an Architect.

Why choose online rail training to progress your rail career?

As we move into a more digital world, the need for online training is growing. This adaptable way of training can offer flexibility for the learner, allows tracking of progress and can be completely tailored to skills, experience and existing qualifications.

With Rail Academy’s customisable online rail training platform, you can easily access up-to-date content that’s provided by expert industry professionals. Rail Academy’s courses can be completely personalised to your development needs, while working closely with your employer to fit training into a schedule that suits

So, how do I discuss career progression with my manager?

The first task is to prepare. Schedule a meeting and then think about your strengths and achievements and how they will be an advantage in your next role. You can present these however you feel most comfortable but make sure to write them down so you don’t just rely on your memory.

In your meeting you should describe where you envisage yourself to be in both the short and long term. Make sure you demonstrate the areas of skills and knowledge which you’d like to develop, along with your strengths.

Whether you’re new to the rail industry or are a long serving employee, Rail Academy’s verified training content can fast-track your career through adapted courses based on your learning goals. Take the first step in your educational path and talk to your employer about your training options with Rail Academy.

For over twenty years, The Chartered Institution of Railway Operators (CIRO) has offered courses that are designed to cater to learners of all levels. At CIRO we created Rail Academy which is an online knowledge and training hub to offer exclusive online training programmes that are dedicated to progressing the careers of rail industry individuals.

Our vision is to “support improvement in quality of the railway operations workforce and help railway organisations succeed”, so Rail Academy’s online courses are tailored to the needs of the rail industry and its staff.

As the digital world has developed considerably over the last decade, all our courses are completely online and can be accessed remotely, on any internet enabled device. This intelligent and flexible way to learn means that rail professionals can access training materials at a convenient time around their current commitments.

As part of our development, we continually invite rail professionals to work with Rail Academy to help establish tailored learning packs, ensuring that the courses are relevant to individual job roles and requirements of the rail industry.

Signing up to Rail Academy.

To get the most out of your CIRO membership, Rail Academy takes you on a journey of progression and development through your employer. Our rail education platform delivers instantly accessible, verified training content, whenever you need it.

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