The Chartered Institution of Railway Operators works within the heart of the rail operations community, bringing together industry-leading knowledge and expertise to support members and companies. Earlier this year, CIRO announced the full launch of its new one-stop web-based training portal, Rail Academy. 

Our online platform is a virtual knowledge and training hub for rail operations staff. The interactive portal puts customised, ready-to-access railway operations training at your fingertips, which users can access and fulfil entirely online. 

Every existing CIRO corporate member benefits from their own private business-branded ‘member room’ which has ready-to-go learning experiences for staff as well as interactive courses which offer valuable training opportunities, that can be tailored to your unique business needs. 

Options available to you.

At Railway Academy, we offer two options, so you have the decision how you’d like to participate depending on your business needs.  

You can choose from a licensed based course or managed based course which is available for both single and multiple learners. 

Both course options are fulfilled online meaning it’s fully accessible in a location that’s convenient for your business and the delegates. The online portal is an effective and efficient method of training that is available 24/7 to your staff at the touch of a button. 

Choosing a licensed based course.

A licensed based course is ideal for companies purchasing several courses to distribute to staff when they’re ready to train. You will receive a full demonstration, a training session on how to navigate the platform and tips on how to learn and progress. Your company will be fully responsible for enrolling your staff, giving you flexibility around who you enrol and your timescales. We offer ongoing technical support throughout this process to ensure you make the most out of your course.  

Choosing a managed based course.

A managed based course is fully handled and lead by the Rail Academy. This is the ideal option for companies who need to create a bespoke training programme, which can be tailored to include specific content and your branding. We will provide software demonstrations and guidance to the chosen point-of-contact within your organisation. Rest assured, we will manage all enrolment and reporting of your individual employees to ensure they gain their qualifications.   

Our managed based option is available across all courses and includes: 

  • Bespoke learning pack creation.
  • Learner enrolments.
  • Learner progress & assessment reviews.

How to purchase our courses

To discuss your business training needs and the options we provide, speak to our team directly on 03333 440523. Alternatively, click here to complete our online enquiry form.  

If you’re already decided on your course option, click here to book a full demonstration of Rail Academy at a date and time that’s convenient for you. We also offer a call back service, so you can find out how your business can benefit from the best available railway operations training knowledge, guidance, and information. 

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