How do I access Rail Academy?

Once allocated a login, you will be sent details of how to access your purchased/selected course via email link. Once this has been received, you will have your own learning space within the platform to access your chosen course(s) within Rail Academy.  View rail academy courses

Which courses can I access within Rail Academy?

Currently, Rail Academy consists of both CIRO’s Introduction to Rail Interactive Course and Rail Pro: 12 System Elements of Rail. Along with this, other useful documentation & information can be found regarding CIRO & our membership structure.

Is everything I need to complete courses on Rail Academy available within the learning platform?

For CIRO’s Introduction to Rail Online Interactive Course, everything you need to access, review & complete the course is available within the content on Rail Academy. For CIRO’s Rail Pro: 12 System Elements of Rail, all course units & competency tests are held within the Rail Academy content, you will need access to the Operators Handbook: Third Edition in order to complete the course to the best of your ability. If you have been given access to this course, you will receive a link for the e-copy of the Operators Handbook to complete the course alongside your Rail Academy log-in.

How do I access my certificates once I’ve completed a course in Rail Academy?

Upon successful completion of Introduction to Rail, you will have the option to download your certificate at the end of your course. For Rail Pro, you will have the ability to download your certificate for each of the individual 12 units within the course. Please note, there is no final completion certificate for Rail Pro.

Can I access Rail Academy on any device?

Rail Academy can be accessed on any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) and has been adapted to be mobile friendly. We advise using Google Chrome where possible for the best user experience, however functionality is possible on all mainstream browsers.

Do I need an internet connection to access Rail Academy?

You will need access to a live internet connection in order to complete your courses within Rail Academy. Rail Academy feeds data back in real time, in order to save your course progress at any part during your learning.

Do I need to be a member of the CIRO to access Rail Academy?

You do not need to be a member of the CIRO to access Rail Academy, however membership is advised. If you work for a major operator in the United Kingdom, you may be eligible for free membership if they are a Corporate Member of the CIRO. You can find out if your employer is a Corporate Member of the CIRO by using the following link:

How do I purchase a course within Rail Academy?

Whether you’re an employer interested in using Rail Academy for your staff, or an individual looking to expand on your operator knowledge, please use the contact form on our main page:

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